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"Paperless Organization" Group Program

     Spend a little bit of time learning how to save A LOT of time with your paperwork

• 4h (1h per week for 4 weeks) of virtual meeting in a group (on zoom).

• When?

  Thursday, March 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st at 1pm PST 


• If you can't attend on these days, a recording will be provided.

• Where?

   On Zoom

• It will give you the steps to follow, in your day-to-day office work, to be organized (in an efficient and productive way) in your business paperwork.

• We will build a digital system together for you to be organized virtually in an efficient & productive way for your business.

• You will learn some secret sauce that you will apply every day in your life from now on.

• You will increase your efficiency & productivity in your office work which will save time that you can use for more revenue-generating activities or more self-care.  (Our clients save between 3 to 8 hours per month!!!)

• It's a hands-on class (you will do the work), so by the end of it, your computer files will be super organized... no more searching for HOURS for things!

• The classes are recorded, so if you miss one, you can watch the replay to do your work. 


• Participants also get access to a Private FB group for support.

• Worth every single penny!!!


PS. All that is taught in this class can apply to your business but also to your personal paperwork organization (bank & credit card statement, digital pictures, recipes, etc.)



Stop the clutter and get digitally organized in 2022!!!




Computer files Organisation Post.png

Don't waste any more time not being organized!  What you'll learn in this class will SAVE YOU SO MUCH TIME!  


When your computer is cluttered, it dreads everything you do.   Everything feels heavy, then you procrastinate, and at the end of it when you finally get to it, it takes SO MUCH MORE TIME!

The opportunity is there NOW.  Start 2022 on the right foot and you'll see what the difference it will make in your day-to-day life!!!

$497 USD only!!  

Worth every single penny!!
You'll gain back wy more than that wit
h the time that you will save thereafter!!!


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